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Gifel Tea™ was founded in 2011 with a commitment to bring high quality specialty teas under one roof, headquartered in Singapore.


Handpicked from the finest tea plantation, blenders and producers, we guarantee to satisfy even the most refined taste buds in bringing rich, aromatic and exotic blends into your teacup. We challenge convention to craft creative and tantalizing blends that add an intriguing twist to every steep.

Presented at Landmark Properties Worldwide

Gifel Tea™ is offered at the world’s finest tables with complex and varied blends to please the palate through its loose leafteas and 100% biodegradable, signature NeoSoilon® sachet.


World’s Finest Tea Leaves

Offering only the finest quality, ultra-premium teas is the defining characteristic and the heart of the rich experience. The dedication and determination to present the definitive cup of tea starts by working directly with the growers with our passion to produce teas that yield diverse, subtle flavors that cannot be found in other tea offerings. There are no compromises. The quality of these teas represent less than 1% of all the teas available, and truly are the finest leaves in the world, making Gifel Tea™ – a tea experience without compare.

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